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Pump Sentry 822PS

Pump Sentry 822PS

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822PS Pump Sentry is an advanced sump pump emergency battery backup system. It is connected between a sump pump and an AC utility outlet and is designed to operate pumps drawing up to 9A. The 822PS charges a battery and monitors the wall outlet at all times in order to detect a power outage. From the instant utility power fails, the 822PS draws energy from a battery and converts it to AC enabling pump operation. When utility power is restored, the 822PS automatically switches the pump back to AC utility power. At the same time, the charging of the battery is resumed by the 822PS until the battery is returned to full capacity in preparation for the next power failure.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Wayne L
Easy to install

Compact and simple to install. The added security of the pump automatically switching to battery mode worth the cost. No extra pump or pipes to worry about.

Michael S.

Rapid shipping, had it a couple of days after ordering. Installed in 10 minutes, works flawlessly. An elegant solution.

Marc D.

Arrived on time. Unit was bigger and heavier then I imagined and made with quality materials. Housing seems to be extruded aluminum. This website sells it for much cheaper then Amazon. Set-up was very easy. Purchased a recommended battery from the website and bought a plastic casing to house the battery. Haven't had a power outage yet to really test it but did a simulated test by unplugging the power to the unit and it worked perfectly. Had a few questions before making the purchase and the sellers were very helpful. I would recommend this set-up.

Brenden G.

Quick delivery and very easy set up. Now the test of time to see if I spent my money well. Will update after a few months.

Ron S.

Shipping on time. Product very well made. Had some questions. Replies were prompt. Very helpful and GREAT customer service. Also a great product.