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Pump Sentry 1733

Pump Sentry 1733

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1800 Watt Capacity

1733 is a powerful backup designed for use with sewage ejector pumps and may also be used with sump pumps. It is among the most advanced and reliable emergency battery backup systems within its size class. It interfaces between a pump and its AC wall outlet. When AC utility power is present, the 1733 charges one or more batteries. While channeling power from the wall outlet to the pump it monitors the wall outlet for power outage detection. At the moment utility power fails, the 1733 substitutes its own generated AC power necessary for pump operation by converting energy from the battery. When utility power is restored, the 1733 automatically switches the pump back to the AC wall outlet’s power. At the same time the 1733 resumes the charging of the battery to return it to full capacity in preparation for the next power failure.

Ships across Canada.

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