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Pump Sentry 1622PS

Pump Sentry 1622PS

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1622PS Pump Sentry is an advanced sump pump emergency battery backup system designed to operate pumps drawing more than 9A and up to 14A. It is connected between a sump pump and an AC utility outlet. The 1622PS charges a battery and monitors the wall outlet at all times in order to detect a power outage. From the instant utility power fails, the 1622PS draws energy from batteries and converts it to AC enabling pump operation. When utility power is restored, the 1622PS automatically switches the pump back to AC utility power. At the same time, the charging of the battery is resumed by the 1622PS until the battery is returned to full capacity in preparation for the next power failure.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Great solution to backup your sump pump

Ordered mine on a Friday and received it sent to my home within a few business days. Installation was easy and it works great (both when I have power and when I simulate a power outage so it pulls from the marine batter). Thank you!

Clifford C.

Excellent, works just like described! I would recommend this system.


I recently purchased 1622PS. The device works exactly as advertised. I have tested the device twice and it delivered exactly as intended. Friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to answer all questions. I had to call them with my amateur questions and the lady on the phone patiently answered all of them. I am happy with my purchase. Now my sump pump works even if there is a blackout and I don't need to be worried at all. A must investment for anybody with sump pit and sump pump in my opinion.

Martin B.

Great product. Does what it is supposed to do. Really easy to install and fast shipping!

Rene V.

Très satisfait de ce produit. Par contre, j’aurais aimé installer une batterie deep cycle lithium de 200ah pour m’assurer une plus grande utilisation si j’avais une coupure de courant de plus d’une journée (Very satisfied with this product. However, I would have liked to install a 200ah deep cycle lithium battery to ensure longer use in case of a power outage of more than one day.)